Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Hypnosis in London

One of the most fascinating experiences you can have is a Past Life Regression.

People are drawn to Past Life Regression for different reasons – sometimes it is simple curiosity, whilst other times it can be a search for something more deep and meaningful, to find answers to problems in this life, which may include …

  • Unlocking Hidden Memories
    Breaking Free of ‘Past Life Chains’
    Overcoming fears and Phobias that seem to have no obvious cause
    Uncovering the reason for unexplained feelings
    Letting go of ‘karma’ or debt
    Healing the past to move on, and more…

Hi Andrew. Firstly, again, thank you. Amazing. Wow. I have been feeling so much lighter and positive since then [the past life regression] and seem to be approaching things from a different perspective and handling things slightly better. I feel good inside, not so shaky, the sudden “downers” seem to have stopped. How can I put it…I feel more awake as if a dust sheet has just been removed!! Think I said that once before (or something like that). Each time I have gone through regression it feels as if layer gets lifted off and I just keep on feeling lighter and better :o) Cheers, Suz

“Dear Andrew,

Thank you for my Past Life Regression. An amazing experience. I could feel everything, the sand beneath my feet, trickling through my toes, and my name, Ajax, a tall and lonely man, wandering, because he had lost his best friend. This all explains so much. Thank you once again.”  Andy Bull, Musician.

A Past Life Regression can often provide solutions and explanations to problems and experiences where other attempts at resolution have failed.

Fears, phobias, panic attacks and irrational behaviour are common problems that often get resolved using past life regression.

Sometimes this happens in one session, sometimes a few regressions or a course of treatment is required – it varies from person to person.

A Past Life Regression can also be an interesting experience even if you are not looking for any answers – and will also provide plenty of topic for discussion around the dinner table.

Each Past Life Regression lasts about an hour or so and the cost is detailed on the ‘fees and payments’ page which you can access by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

If you are interested in finding out about your own Past Lives, we would love to guide you through the process.

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