Stammering Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Treatment for Stammering

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy will help you successfully reduce or eliminate stammering.

“Dear Andrew,
I have seen a decent improvement to my speech, and feel more confident talking to people now.
I will contact you in the near future about when I want another session. Hope that is ok with you.
Hope you are well. Thank you very much.
Amit G” (London).

Although most people occasionally stumble on the odd word or phrase now and again; some people find the issue is more frequent and can cause them anxiety.  Words commencing with certain letters or containing specific syllables seem to trip up others. Usually, clients book sessions due to upcoming job interviews or because of concerns about stammering in their work environment.  Giving presentations or speeches is often of great concern too, either at work or for public speaking, such as giving a reading or speech at a wedding.  Anticipation and speaking on a telephone is often of great concern to many clients too.  Even though I help them with their primary concern, the outcome from the sessions is applicable to other areas of their life where stammering/stuttering was also an issue.”

There are two basic ways you can use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help with stuttering/stammering…

The first is to purely focus on the symptom and use various relaxation techniques to reduce tension, focus your mind and allow your words to flow more easily. The second is to look at the underlying reasons or issues as to why you even do it in the first place. Most people who stammer only do so in front of others or on the phone – they rarely do it when by themselves, for example. Therefore, it cannot be a physical problem, and must be psychological.
This means that some part of your mind assesses the external situations and decides whether or not to stammer.
Usually this will be where there is an element of ‘pressure’ in some way. Using a special form of hypnosis we can very often get to the bottom of what is causing this ‘pressure’ anxiety and as we resolve that, the speech problem is resolved as well. I normally suggest a combination approach of both symptomatic relief and looking at the underlying causes, as this gives the best outcomes for you, in both the short and long-term.
Typically this might take anything from two – five sessions as an average, though it does vary from person to person, but I normally also suggest to just start off with one or two sessions first of all and then take it from there.

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