Pain Relief

Pain Relief Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

A special kind of hypnosis, similar to that used for hypnotic surgery, will reduce, control and even eliminate many types of pain.

“Andrew, I don’t know what you did last week but the effect was incredible. For the first time in more years than I remember, I’ve been able to twist around without my back hurting. Thank you.”

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If you suffer with chronic pain of any sort and have been medically checked and diagnosed, we can teach you an extremely effective technique that very often makes a huge difference. It is a special form of self-hypnosis, often used in cases where people are allergic to anaesthetic and need a powerful alternative.

It usually takes one or two sessions to go through this, but sometimes, where appropriate, we can also looking into any unconscious psychological reasons for the pain, too. Before any kind of pain relief treatment, we would of course require that you have first been to your GP or suitable medical specialist, though we dot require any kind of referral.

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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief. Specialist help for people who suffer with chronic pain.